Elementary Particles

Elementary Particles Proton - Muon - Bozo - Graviton - Gluon - Quark - Electron - Photon - Moron - Neutrino - Gayon - Darkon - Unobtainium - Unununium - Ballmiton - Crouton - Tachyon - Tron - Badger - Sauron - Roricon - Spork - Hardon - Onion -…

The Story of Human Language

@There are 6,000 languages in the world, in so much variety that many languages would leave English speakers wondering just how a human being could possibly learn and use them. The world's languages are the result of a long "natural history," which began with a single first language spoken in…

EAGLE Project: Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations

What is the EAGLE project? EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments) is a simulation aimed at understanding how galaxies form and evolve.  This computer calculation models the formation of structures in a cosmological volume, 100 Megaparsecs on a side (over 300 million light-years). This is large enough…

Human Body is a Machine

The human body is a machine that is full of wonders.  This collection  of human body facts will leave you wondering why in the heck we were designed the way we were. 1. Scientists say the higher your I.Q. The more you dream. 2. The largest cell in the human…

Human Brain

Brain scientist Marian Diamond subject of new documentary By Robert Sanders, Media relations | FEBRUARY 26, 2016 For nearly 55 years, until her retirement in 2014, Marian Diamond would often be seen walking through campus to her anatomy class carrying a flowered hat box, within which nestled a real, pickled human brain. Gently…

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Tradecraft Entrepreneur

Roy Wright ~ Intel Researcher

Co-founder “EarthWalk Dwellings LLC” with Tim Watson ~ Architect as a collaborative venture with prime objective guiding Eco-restorative MicroPerch Series Design works. He is “EarthWalk Dwellings LLC” website creation designer & developer; as Chief Innovative Officer (CIO) tasked to prosecute dwelling contract work bids.

As an innovator with core Intel tradecraft skills, he shares his discipline knowledge with small business start-ups.  He was educated at University of Virginia (UVA) – School of Engineering Sciences (TJ Society 2014) and interned at UVA Research Laboratory for Engineering Sciences (RLES); and is a lifelong learner of science and technology continuing education (CE) on-line disciplines.

Tradecraft technology skills –AERIALSHIP – mil-spec design micro-drones business development (BD), Holographic AI MicroRadar passive design BD, ARP TeraSpectra – THz Scanning Spectrometer, MicroTactics Data Multiplexer developer BD, Incognito DNS Software BD, NEC Computer Addins – USN SNAP-II BD, PHILIPS Test Instruments BD, TANDBERG Voice Recorders BD, RLES/AEC/DOE Centrifuge Instruments tech-engineer, NASA Wallops-ESA Guiana Spaceport – Mobile Aeronomy Lab project manager, SBA Office of International Trade – SBAtlas on-line trade database project developer, CARICOM Secretariat – Thirteen Country Port Authorities Trade Data Optimization Protocol Research Study Project Investigator, Lockheed MC/ArmorShield Body Armor BD, Insurance Institute of America (IIA) ~ Designed and instrumented High Speed Film Camera and lighting system for IIA Compliance Lab for car impact crash tests.

Founded Innovative Institute of Material Studies, LLC, in 2007 to establish a research team for contract performance of a four year KDH/Air Force Research Labs study (PI) ~ Force Protection Material Sciences; Wright Marketing Company LLC in 1968 with core focus on instrumentation, computer and communication system applications business development (BD); BriarPatch Modular Housing SIP Envelope Building Designs – contracted to build Virginia Twin County Airport Op-Center project (1969); and stakeholder in Music America/Harptone Guitar Manufacturer of Independence, VA. (1976).

His community volunteer contributions include: Board of Advisory – National Graphene Association, Publisher & Editor of IoT Science & Technology Summit & Expo Blog, Publisher of Whisk & Quill Newsletters featuring DMV Food, Spirits, Travel, and Performing Theatre Arts Reviews authored by Jordan Wright, Publisher of Alexandria Amateur Radio Club ARC-SHORTS Newsletter, Behind-the-scenes-Scientist at Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Departments of Paleobiology and Mineral Sciences, FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Regional Judge & Scholarship Fundraiser, DMV High & Middle School Science Fair Judge for Washington Junior Academy of Sciences, Web Curator for City of Alexandria’s Chinquapin Organic Gardens and Media Advisor to Del Ray Artisans.


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Tiny, fossil crane flies found in Denmark have compound eyes (dark bulges in this specimen) with unusual lenses, renewing debate about how different extinct creatures — called trilobites — once saw the world. Photo credit René Lyng Sylvestersen

Prehistoric Fossil Insect found in rock formation dated 200,000 million years

Prehistoric Fossil Insect found in rock formation dated 200,000 million years