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Roy Lee Wright

Roy Lee Wright

As an innovator, a visionary, and strategist with core disciplines and tradecraft skills, Roy was poised to be a team player sharing his knowledge and expertise with small business start-ups giving them an edge to grow and sustain a successful revenue and profitable enterprise.

Cutting-edge technology market trends and applications are essential in defining research pathways to harvest decision data on measurable hypotheses. The success of these methodologies by observation, experimentation, description, comparison, and modeling have defined and claimed a strategic way forward.

With his highlighted career in Intel technology, Roy has blazed a trail of bench-marked accomplishments in the field of commercial and government contracting technology and marketing services. His major clients have included US AFRL-Blast Mitigation Nano Composites, US SBA-Office of International Trade, CARICOM Secretariat Trade Protocol, Armorshield/Lockheed Martin Force Protection, Tamura Telecommunications, National Instruments, UDS/Motorola Modems, Collins Radio/Rockwell Modems, Kistler/Sunstrand Transducer, and E.F. Johnson Radio Communications, Nippon Electric (NEC)/MicroComputers, Citoh/Crystal Printers, 3M/Redlake Prism Film Cameras, Bourns Pressure Transducers, Philips Test Instrumentation, Tandburg Voice/Data Recorders, and Crown/Harman Audio Tape Recorders.


National Graphene Association Advisory Board Member appointment to NGA’s mission to bring together current and future graphene stakeholders – entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, developers and suppliers, investors and government agencies; Drive innovation, and promote and facilitate the commercialization of graphene products and technologies in the United States; Provide: 1) access to critical graphene industry information. 2) strategic networking opportunities and organized conferences and expos to drive collaborations and crucial partnerships.

Graphene Sensor Technology LLC — Novel Internet of Things (IoT) sensor aggregation applications for public safety, transportation, and healthcare markets that affect the use in DoD , Intelligence, Cyber security and authentication of IoT devices and data streams.

Holographic Smart City Sensors based on RF Spectrum signature method for detection of explosive material in laptop computers, movable transport vehicle and aerial drones.  Spectrum signatures unique as fingerprint for each detected object to enhance selectivity of digital biometrics or scene identification.

Holographic Sensor Concept System capable to detect and tract low-profile and altitude targets utilizing multi-band high gain doppler radar antenna array system.  Targets detectable from size of a wire-to-tree branch aboard aerial platforms.  Strategic radar sensor mission capabilities for protection performance of object missiles, interference, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing.  Holographic object data for each of the 360 degree locations is replaced from each compass for its sensor’s inability to point at a target object.  Holographic concept consists of multiple angularity shifted sensors for wide-area visual coverage needed to detect object for Smart City Architecture.

AI-Holographic Radar Sensor Concept System capability incorporates Non-Linear Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for Automatic Detection of dynamic image multiple-objects stored on-board a memory card or data streamed to cloud data processor for display at command and control center. The system design to provide time, space, and position information on in-flight objects and ground transport objects.  The advantage of the CNN method is that it can learn more abstract and comlex features in the inut space, leading to a lower false-positive and higher true positive rates.  CNNs routinely outperform other methods in similar machine vision tasks with up to 99% accuracy.

AirShips Technology Group, Inc. — Military and defense team development adviser to future key technology development objectives for advanced AirShip UAVs include the development of a bio-mimetic visual-enabled collision avoidance and navigation system for use in GPS-denied environments for flying through forests, urban canyons and caves.  AirShip’s turn-key process for 3D printing FDM-based long-flight endurance vertical takeoff and landing UAV’s is deployable from filament to production within a short period time.  The process allows for rapid production with embedded sensors and communications for line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond-line-of-eight (BLOS) command and control.  The AirShip UAV is powered by 28% efficient solar film for 12 hours of daylight flight.  A Hydrogen Fuel Cell, with 100 watts of continuous power, uses hydrogen from on-board two wing-mounted hydrogen fuel tanks for up to four nights of continuous flight.  Solar film is recharged through the Sun’s rays and the hydrogen fuel can be made from water.

Integrated Robotics  — Business Adviser to a start-up distributor for French design and manufactured UAS rotary-winged drone craft with advanced digital flight controllers capable of autonomously, semi-autonomously, or directly pilot controlled.  In an attempt to develop FAA non-cooperative avoidance sensor module for UAV operations an arrangement with University of Denver graduate student’s patented proof-of-concept X-Band miniature Doppler RADAR prototype.

Innovative Institute for Material Studies, LLC. – Alexandria, VA — Principal Investigator for USAF composite material survivability study initiative to identify armor developments for testing and optimization mission to mitigate UXO (UneXploded Ordnance) and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and Anti_Tank mines blast and ballistic events for the protection of military, government and authorized law enforcement, civilian security personnel, and land-sea-air transport vehicles. Sintered polymeric composite material samples postulated on the theory of chaos cross-ply laminate order-disorder to increase toughness, stiffness and reduce mass weight.

Innovative Institute for Material Studies, Inc. — Principal Research Investigator for USAF composite material survivability study initiative to identify armor material developments for testing and optimization. Sintered polymeric composite samples of minerals and ceramic elements optimized protective materials postulated on the theory of chaos cross-ply laminate order-disorder to increase toughness, stiffness and reduce mass weight. The armor panel material structure is innovative sintered metal hollow spheres.

The “Composite Integral Armor Initiative” study funding by DoD Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to KDH Defense Systems ~ for the protection of military, government and authorized law enforcement, civilian security personnel, and land-sea-air transport vehicles.

Twenty-Five Metals, Inc. – Alexandria, VA — Principal Stakeholder – a study initiative to extract harmful elements and rare-earth minerals from by-product of coal combustion, known as Coal Fly Ash, or CFA.  The concept initiative funded by NASA JPL for Moon Mission study contract awarded to Rocketdyne-Boeing.

Select Armor Inc. – The Plains, VA — Co-founder and Technical Armor Material Adviser – developed start-up enterprise campaign for product manufacturing of customized force protection commodity market –  Fire-EMS, Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security.

ArmorShield LLC – Charleroi, PA — Marketing and Sales Adviser – implemented development campaign in force protection technologies customized for Military Defense, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security markets and curated web presence. Lockheed Martin was alliance partner for Manchester, UK ArmourShield enterprise.

ArmourShield LLC (Lockheed Martin partner)– Charleroi, PA — E.V.P. of Military, Federal & US Law Enforcement security markets worldwide. After dissolution of alliance with ArmourShield of Manchester, UK my relationship continued with USA based ArmorShield Brand with 25 years of custom force protection technology developed for UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) missions.

Select Armor Inc – The Plains, VA – Co-Founder – Captured Military, Fire-EMS and Law Enforcement market contracts for Life Protection technologies.

Mid-Atlantic Innovation Technology Center – Rockville, MD — Director of Development – created Washington Metro middle and high school awareness campaign for FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Competition and participated in stakeholders initiative to establish event hosting participants – University of Maryland, Capital College, U.S. Naval Academy and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and corporate grant sponsorship. Served as 2005 FIRST Chesapeake Regional Competition Judge at U.S. Naval Academy.

Incognito Software Inc. – Alexandria, VA — Government Marketing Director – increased marketing channels with Fortune 500 government solution providers. Created content for product campaigns to launch new IP/DNS management tool. Increased yearly sales by 150%.

Trellis Networks Inc – Falls Church, VA – Southeast Regional Sales Director for government sales campaigns including RIM Blackberry wireless devices, Incognito IP/DNS network tools, and Microsoft migration engineering services. Increased yearly sales by 70%.

Stanley Associates Inc – Alexandria, VA — Senior Systems Analyst – Task to develop strategic project plan to field COTS software updates for US Army National Guard pilot web survey tool to collect military site demographics used for comprehensive analysis of administrators. Member of operational management team.

International Systems Development Corporation – Rockville, MD — Global Trade Database Scientist – designed, programmed and administered four year operation on contract with U.S. Small Business Administration for an export trade counselors’ interactive fax-back reporting module that was converted to Internet pilot enhanced website capable of acquiring, dimensionally modeling and publishing international trade data reports for select commerce commodities or global country import/export criteria.

Systems Management America, Inc – Arlington and Norfolk, VA — Military Business Development Manager – positioned multi-million dollar 8A US Navy systems integrator to prosecute government opportunities and win competitive bid contracts including work share subcontracts. Member strategic planning team.

CARICOM Secretariat – Georgetown, Guyana — Conducted need assessment study and visited thirteen member countries Ministry of Trade staff for  participation survey to establish Caribbean Community Uniform Trade Tariff Protocol.

The Wright Company – Gaithersburg, MD – Founder and Principal  Stakeholder – built independent Mid-Atlantic sales company around emerging high technology product clients. Identified and captured federal and military contractor opportunity markets with proactive sales team. Authored sales order capture campaign with CRM collaborative software tools. Manufacturer principals products included suite of metrology sensors, test instrumentation, and digital computer technologies. Formed subsidiary – Wright Marketing Company, LTD as a distributor and maintenance service operation for digital microcomputer, data communications and peripheral product suite. Formed subsidiary – Microtactics Corporation for manufacturing and distribution of multi-dumb-terminal box for CP/M operating system microcomputers and vertical market computer application systems. Formed RWA International, LLC for domestic and foreign government consultancy grants.

Tek Rep/Qatron Corporation, Washington, DC – Sales Engineer /Vice President of Marketing: Product portfolio test and measuring instrumentation. First independent manufacturers’ representative to IPO SUCCESSFULLY in 1968 by Wachtel & Co Inc Investment Securities of Washington, DC.


SkillSmith Institute Alexandria, VA — Learning Skills Teacher – taught Reading and Phonological Awareness, Academic Study Skills, Memory, Oral Note Taking, Organization and Time Management, Reading and Reading Comprehension, and Word Study skills to middle and high school students one-on-one and in classroom settings including math and science tutoring. Created and published marketing website.

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC — Microcomputer Technology Teacher Assistant

International Law Institute, Washington, DC — Microcomputer Technology Teacher Assistant

Montgomery Village Middle School – Gaithersburg, MD – Junior Achievement (JA) Consultant for six grade class. JA is dedicated to educating young people about business, economics, and free enterprise through programs spanning grades K-12.


MITC – 21st Century Think Tank – NGO — Research Team Member for Expert Analyst Center. Global econometric portfolio project model for short-and-long term enterprise and government planning. The primary objective is to mitigate threats of business model collapses and illuminate business captain’s compass. Sustainable project milestones will apply social sciences in decision-making models. Examples  — Crumb Rubber Processing Mechanism for transport tire storage sites; FICA funding method to enhance human lifestyle; future planned cities and villages incorporating green technologies.

SBA Office of International Trade , Washington, DC — Project Director and Administrator for global trade database development and service operation funded by four year grant. A fax-back-to-Internet system capable of acquiring, dimensionally modeling and publishing UN and US Census trade data reports for any selected commodity or country criteria.  SBAtlas project contractor – International System Services Corporation of Columbus, OH.

University of Virginia School of Engineering Sciences – student and project engineer at NASA Wallops Island, VA employed by Litton, a staff contractor, for transportable Aeronomy instrumentation container destined for European Space Port, French Guiana.

University of Virginia School of Engineering Sciences – student and intern at Research Laboratories for Engineering Sciences, Charlottesville, VA  as a mechanic technician assigned fabrication tasks for metrology instrument modules incorporated into operational control dashboard and functionality measurements for uranium centrifuge.


Galax Elementary School 1947-1955
Galax High School 1955-59
Radio & Television Training Academy 1959-60
University of Virginia School of Engineering 1960-1964 Electrical
Towson State University 1965-67 Business Law and Communications
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore Campus 1967-68 Sales Administration
University of Maryland College Park Campus 1969-70 Business Psychology
Montgomery Community College 1973-1976 Information Science Systems
Smithsonian Institute 2007 Paleobiology Volunteer Certification
Stanford University 2008 Strength & Life of Composites Certification
Northern Virginia Community College Courses 2013-16 ELI — Software Design, Occupational Behavior, Graphic Design, Photojournalism, Financial & Managerial Accounting and Nutrition
edX MITx Courses 2012-2015 ELI — Mechanical Behavior, Quantum Mechanics, Solar Energy, Anthropology, Circuits and Electronics, Computer Science and Programming Using Python
edX HarvardX Courses 2015 ELI — Contracts
edX LinuxFoundationX Course 2015 ELI — Introduction to Linux


National Convention – Electronic Representative Association (ERA)
“Training Field Sales and Service Engineers”

Office of International Trade – The US Small Business Administration for Outstanding SBAtlas Services to Export, SCORE and SBDC Counselors
First Year CONSULTANT Junior Achievement of Washington DC

1978 Listed in Who’s Who in Business and Commerce
2005 FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Competition Volunteer Excellence – Five Years
2007 National Academy of Sciences – Volunteer Washington Metro Science & Technology Science Fair Judge
2014 University of Virginia Alumnus of Thomas Jefferson Society

1975 “Training Electronic Field Sales and Service Engineers” Published by Electronic Representative Association of Chicago, IL


Washington Academy of Sciences Junior Academy
IEEE Microelectronics
Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration-DC
Geological Society of Washington
American Chemical Society
National Defense Industrial Association
Material Research Society
Botanical Society of Washington
Archaeology Society of Virginia


Security Clearances
Atomic Energy Commission (DOE) “Q” (inactive)
DOD Secret (inactive)

FAA Licensed Private Aircraft Pilot
FCC General Class Amateur Radio – K4AXQ,
FCC First Class Commercial Radio and Television Broadcast
Certified Red Cross Canoeist
Certified Scuba Diver

Community Volunteer Activity

Smithsonian Institute
 – National Museum of Natural History
 – Behind-the-Scenes Volunteer at Paleobiology and Mineral Science Departments in Washington, DC.  Volunteer Digital Photographer/Videographer – Digitizing Leaf Fossils at Smithsonian Paleobiology Department. Task to photograph 20,000 plus glass plate slides categorized according to taxonomy and creating SQL database records for online paleontologist community.

National Academy of Sciences – Washington Metro Science & Technology Science Fair Judge.

Del Ray Artisans Alexandria, VA – Web Curator – established digital presence for gallery events, membership and community newsletter.

City of Alexandria Chinquapin Organic Garden Advisory Board Webmaster – established digital presence  for 133 public plots and eNewsletters.

Alexandria Amateur Radio Club – Webmaster – established digital presence for operator training classes, ARC Shorts eNewsletter, Elmer notes and activities.

BriarPatch Amateur Radio Club – Founder of BARC in 1973 and located in Grayson County, Virginia 3,410 foot summit were installed first two-meter repeater communication station. Today, club has training several hundred community citizen to become active amateur radio operator and provide community Emergency Support services.


Digital Computer Programming
Competent web, iOS, Mac, Windows, Unix platform administrator including disciplines in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP-Fusion, MySQL, Python, and WordPress; design, development and production application tools and computer languages including web accessibility, usability standards, network configuration and SEO optimization.


My beginning enterprise as a youth at nine years was repairing mechanical desk and wall clock mechanisms and golf caddying contract services at Galax Country Golf Club located directly across from my parent’s home. The fee for services was 25 cents for one golf bag or 50 cents for double golf bag for a nine hole golf course round.  In the summer months and evenings after elementary school, when I was not summonsed to BriarPatch Country farm to plant and harvest, I was hired by the club golf pro manager for the next five years for a ten cent and hour to walk the golf course and remove the dew from course greens.  Later in the morning I was charged to water the course greens, groom sand traps and push-mower to keep green grass primed. At select times of the month maintenance, assisted in extracting soil plug to aerate the course greens.

My grandmother “Maw” (Lillie Mae Funk Wright) suggested that my earning be saved daily and she agreed to become private banker.  She keep my earned money in a labeled shoe box located under the stair steps.  Maw’s home was adjacent to my parents home.

My grandparents Maw and Paw (Fred Mitchel Wright) owned a 40 acre farm atop Briarpatch mountain in Grayson County some 13 miles from Galax on which family gardening and domestic animals (sheep and cattle) were grazed.

Maw suggested I purchase one heifer cow at cost for $75.00.   The next year the heifer gave birth to a calf that I sold the following year for $150.00.

Paw fronted the money to open “TRADING POST” general store (1954) in Galax, Virginia and hired his daughter Geneva and her spouse Reid Vaughan to operate the establishment.  It was a general merchandise store that also offered custom cold cut lunch and supper sandwiches to encourage customer traffic.  In addition added tables and chairs around wood fired stove for customer to visit, eat, and popular play card game (Rook).

The following year Paw fronted the money to open “POOLE AND WRIGHT” general merchandising country store in Grayson County – Carsonville Community in which his farm was located. He purchased the existing general story business inventory and leased store building from Clyde Daniels for $10 per month. The store building had served several community functions over the previous decades i.e. voting registration/election polling site, general mail delivery service and later on became headquarters for New River Wildlife Gaming Club.  Ownership of the business was 50/50 Herman Kyle Poole (my great-uncle) and myself.

I setup a table radio receiver and clock repair shop on the store second level and sublet a section to a local barber – Gene Luper.