The Art and Technology Journey – Board Walk at Del Ray Artisans,

The Art and Technology Journey – Board Walk at Del Ray Artisans, Alexandria, VA – August 8 -31, 2008

David A. Kosar, Rob Rudick, Jamee Telford, Monica Wise, Roy Wright and a special presentation of Rocio Barcia’s The Exquisite Box.The show exhibition is located at 2704 Mount Vernon Aveune, Alexandria, VA 22301 – 703-838-4827 +

A 2007 concept and installation by Rocio Barcia for Masters of Professional Studies Thesis Project at Tisch School of the Arts – New York University and real world application entrepreneur by Roy Wright of RWA International, LLC.

The installation is approximately one square meter with the fourth wall of the box a video projected onto a reflective surface. The thesis objective was to create a reproducible and tangible digital narrative, without losing the power of the live and sphemeral body. Thus, The Exquisite Box…an open narrative system that creates a reproducible digital narrative fed in real time by the previous recorded performance of the user. To explore the relationship between virtual and physical space and boundary between the live body of the user as a performer and its digital representation in a narrative context.

To develop this idea the user will perform within a proscribed framework and actions will be automatically digitalized to form part of a narrative of which the user is unaware.


  • Create a reproducible and tangible digital narrative, withou losing the power of the live and ephemeral body
  • Create a unique space interconnecting the live and the reproduced body.
  • Create a space where the user can have a physical experience using his entire body as a tool for performance. When the user takes distance from it, he may have a more intellectual reflection by looking at this previous experience from outside.
  • Create an open narrative system fed by the user in opposition to a traditional closed linear narrative.
  • Obtain something from the user creating a history of interactivity (memory).


  • To have users while performing in the box have both a mental and physical journey.


  • For people of all ages with interest in putting themselves in a new situation where they can perform. The time it will take someone to experience the work is subjective, but it will probably last between ten and fifteen minutes experience.